Hotel Reservation System – 1 The conveniences to everything

When you want to travel when you’ve done in the order of the hotel you want, but there are obstacles that make you can not be there on the day you want. You then need a redesign on your accommodation included with the ticket. You do not want to find any difficulty to this service and you wish to access hotel reservation software it at any time, you want to connect with the hotel front desk to get your room. Hotel Reservation System to introduce to you a connection that connects you to the hotel FRONTDESK which is referred to as GDS Interface.

GDS Interface is a connection linking all GDS worldwide in a single interface. GDS is used to connect all the good reservation system Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus and Pegasus to get their accommodation reservations. In fact, you can also view inventory, rates and reservations can synchronize automatically to your data. In fact, there is an option or menu option to get a discount for those who book through this system and for hotel entrepreneurs you can earn a 5% commission.