Loss and Profit Gold Jewelry Investment

Along the times, gold has developed into one of the forms of investment are increasingly sleek. Whether it be jewelry, bullion or coins, gold is able to attract attention. Along the changing times, gold is also easier to hold. One appeal of gold as an investment is the price tends to be stable. The purpose of the investment is sure to increase your income, right? You can visit iragoldadvisor.com/ and find out the way to success in gold investment.

Gold products are often the target for investment is still struggling in jewelry and bullion. Before making a decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold jewelry following:

Gold jewelry is interesting, especially for those who are very concerned about the prestige and appearance. Thus gold jewelry has a dual function, accessories, and investment vehicles. Nothing wrong if choosing gold as an investment to you, but first consider advantages and disadvantages.

One thing to consider is, there are gold jewelry manufacturing costs that accompany. So when buying gold jewelry, you’re not only charged the levels of gold alone, but also the cost of making gold into jewelry as well. This means extra expenditure. For information only, the cost of making gold becomes a mass-produced jewelry (factory) approximately 1-7 percent of the total price of the gold. Meanwhile, the cost of manufacture of gold jewelry by craftsman home or accept individual orders around 15-20 percent.

Upscale jeweler gold for fashion purposes famous jewelry stores can range from 30 percent! Imagine how much money is needed to make gold jewelry. The price of gold jewelry products will also tend to decrease. So that at the time of resale, you’re not going to get a higher price than when you first bought it. This meant you do not make a profit.

Note also the form of gold jewelry. The more complex the shape, the more expensive the price was. Gold jewelry is also easy to come by because many stores that sell both in traditional and modern shopping centers. This convenience can be a disadvantage as well because you have to be extra careful. Do not buy any jewelry in the store, could have gold jewelry that you buy is a fake.

Do not be sad, gold jewelry remains can really be an option for you to invest. Gold jewelry that you buy you can save it as physical saving and used as a reserve fund if at any time you need. Although the selling price less profitable gold jewelry, gold jewelry is sold, either with or without documents.