Why Adderall Could Cause Addiction And How To Cure It

Adderall is a prescribed medication to treat people that suffer from ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Even mostly find in children, ADHD could also suffer by adults. Adderall is a stimulant that could increase several chemical messengers in the brain that affect concentration, focus and motivation. It also elevates blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature that make someone that takes Adderall alert, awake and energetic while decrease appetite. There are many cases of Adderall abuse because this drug is easy to get and often prescribed and also the stock that limitless on the market. When using it in a long period of time, it could create dependence to the drugs due to the change of chemical in the brain that this particular drug made. Taking Adderall increase dopamine, the hormones to make someone feel happy, that is why a sudden stop taking Adderall could cause serious effect because the brain stops working the way it used to be due to the absent of Adderall effect on the brain.

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