Use Electric Saver 1200 if you love watching TV all day.

Watching TV is one of the popular activities for those who needs entertainment after work or school. Either watching the talk show or cartoon, we at least spend any hours watching tv each day. So, how much does it cost the power bills to run your TV? 32-inch LEDs TV usually requires 120 watts of electricity per hour. If you watch TV for 5 hours a day, so you will cost 600 watts each day. In a month, you may use to pay power bills for 18 kWh in electricity bill per months for each TV. In fact. Most people at least have two TVs in their houses which consume more energy. If you want to have an energy-saving device that can minimize your power bill, you can open the URL to find out the device which can reduce the power consumption.

As the matter of facts, people may spend longer than one hour to watch TV after they had got off work or school to relieve a stress that they got off work. This is what makes your life is relying on TV and make more cost for electric bills. The electricity price in the United States varies depends on the goverment regulations. You may live in the city or district that the electricity is more expensive if you live in Hawaii; but, you also might get cheaper residential price for power bills if you live in Washington rather than live in Hawaii. According to the Energy Information Agency, Hawaii became the state with the highest average price for the electricity in 2013 which listed 36.98 cents per Kwh, whereas Washington became the lowest average price which listed 8.70 cents per Kwh. As the consequence, the use of electricity in Hawaii is the lowest consumption than other cities in the U.S. It only listed at 515 kWh monthly. So, if you need a device that can minimize your power consumption, please contact us soon.