Wiper Glass Can Damage Your Car

Do you know one of the things that can damage your windshield wipers are on your own? Therefore, routinely check the condition of the vehicle wiper, because if it is damaged wiper will result in marks on the glass. Replace wiper that is damaged windshield replacement Phoenix, which generally has a sign among other there are cracks in the rubber, rubber is not flexible, and it doesn’t sweep water perfectly. You can visit windshield replacement Phoenix if you want to replace your auto glass with a new one.

Do not use the wipers when the glass is dry, particularly if the glass in dirty or in dusty conditions, because it will occur a scratches on the auto glass. If you will use wiper, wiper fluid sprays to taste first. Regularly check the wiper liquid tank to make sure the fluid is always available and to maintain the condition of the rubber wiper to prevent rapid deterioration and maintain the condition of the glass, rather lift the wiper arm when the vehicle is parked in a long time, especially if under the blazing sun.